Water Efficient Landscaping
Using Drought Tolerant
Indigenous Plants

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As the first-seen and most visible aspect of residential or commercial property, landscaping is a crucial part of any design. Waterwright Landscaping brings a fresh perspective to landscaping in the Santa Fe area, combining unique irrigation, landscape design, and grounds keeping services with over a decade of experience in creating the best design for the best value.

Whether envisioning a brand new design, maintaining an existing one, or installing an irrigation system, Waterwright Landscaping will provide the solution which fits your budget and your desires. For pre-existing irrigation systems, we provide a complimentary evaluation to assess its condition, and will convert or upgrade a system with your choice of irrigation controllers, maintenance schedules, and customizable monitoring and service plans. We also provide spring turn on, testing, repair, and winterizing services to ensure that your irrigation system operates in an efficient and affordable way.

Waterwright Landscaping provides expert guidance and personalized service every step of the way. We can create your custom design independently or work with your chosen contractor or architect to streamline the process of realizing your dream. We insist that the price doesn’t hamper your goals, and so we offer a free consultation and evaluation to give you every opportunity to fulfill your landscaping needs.

Our unique hardscapes and artful placement of indigenous plants will make your landscaping both eye-catching and environmentally-conscious, saving water and preserving our local environment. We design landscapes to work with the climate, rather than against it, resulting in stunning and elegant creations, perfect for the business office or the comforts of home. Contact us today for your free consultation, and remember to ask about our seasonal specials. Welcome to the online home of Waterwright Landscaping!