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Waterwright Landscaping may be a new name among Santa Fe landscaping companies, but we have over a decade of experience in creating exceptional designs for affordable prices. From irrigation and maintenance to landscaping and grounds keeping, Waterwright Landscaping provides the finesse and quality workmanship necessary to improve pre-existing grounds or to realize your ultimate dream design.

This is not a cookie-cutter landscaping service, but a custom-made design tailored to fit your budget and needs in order to showcase the natural beauty of your property. We specialize in Santa Fe’s unique style, and our unique water features, customized hardscapes, and rock design ensure that each design is a work of art. Water is a precious resource, and Waterwright Landscaping carefully conserves this most vital of commodities by careful yet artful use of indigenous plants and xeriscaping, combining water conservation with elegant design solutions. We are also happy to meet with you and evaluate your property for free, even providing a cost-free estimate.

Waterwright Landscaping also offers wide-ranging irrigation services, including:

  • System design, installation, and service, both sprinkler and drip
  • Monthly service plans
  • Spring turn on and repair, plus winterizing
  • Easily programmable controllers

Waterwright Landscaping specializes in unique design forged over a decade of experience, combined with exceptional service to give a landscaping experience like none other. We can work independently or with your contractor or architect, ensuring foremost that you can be proud of the final product. Our interaction does not stop after the last planting takes root, but continues through ongoing maintenance, seasonal cleanup, and herbicide and fertilizer application.

Contact us today to take advantage of our seasonal specials, or schedule a free consultation. With Waterwright Landscaping, your residential or commercial property will stand out as a high-quality and stylish natural wonder.